The Eurovision Drinking Game!

The rum punch, as drunk by @eurovisiondrink

Before Eurovision you need to start thinking about what booze you’re going to be drinking. Some people go for beer, some wine, some gin and tonic. But at @eurovisiondrink HQ, we drink rum punch.

To make one litre of punch, we would use 120ml Pama, 240ml Bacardi, 600ml of fruit juice, and top up with soda water.

You can use any fruit juice you like. We go for a mixture of mostly plain orange juice, then some pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and lime juice added to brighten things up. Just use whatever you have to hand, or go shopping. It's easily replicated with a bunch of shop-bought bottles like Tropicana, Innocent, or store own brand.

Chill it! If there's going to be a group of you, grab some empty bottles and mix the punch the day before or on Saturday morning. Leave it chilling in the fridge and then during the event you don't have to run around to refill your glass and miss any of the action.

Fruit ice! If you're the kind of person to have a large serving jar or bowl about the house (and we are!) then another thing you can do is to freeze some fruit juice in advance. Adding cubes or spears of frozen fruit juice to your serving vessel will help keep it cold without the drink getting horribly watery.