The Eurovision Drinking Game!

The grand traditions laid down by Terry Wogan and Graham Norton mean we drink whilst watching the Eurovision Song Contest. If you like a little competitiveness around it, then here is our list. When anything in the list below happens, we all drink.

Going to print these out?

Don't bother. You don't need to remember the list. Which is handy because if you play along, towards the end of the night you'll be unable to. Instead, give us a follow on social media and we'll tell you when to drink and why.

If you're a Bluesky user, follow the game and chatter on there. If you're a Mastodon user, you can follow the game and chatter on there. (Once upon a time you could follow us on Twitter, but Elon Musk ruined that for everyone.)

But if you must have it on paper, just hit print now, and this webpage should comfortably fit on one sheet. No need to copy and paste.

Level up! Most Mastodon clients allow you to receive notifications when a user posts something, so you could turn that on. But be warned — this will send you a notification every time the account posts. Not just the drinking instructions, but all of the banter too. And @game posts a lot throughout the night.

Instead follow and turn on notifications for @rulings — for just the drinking rules notifications. Drinkifications.

Remember to drink responsibly…

At any time during the show

No more than once per performance

During the scoring rounds